Palm Reading

Palm Reading

Palm reading, also known as palmistry, is the analyzing of the hands palm lines to gain insight about someone's character, personality and predict future events. 

To perform palm reading accurately, it's critical to have a acute understanding of the palmistry signs, their meaning and how to properly interpret them. Lauren has this acute understanding.


She can read and determine which of the hand elements your hands display.

Four Types of Hand Elements


  • Fire Hands - Passion and confidence are just two character traits of someone with Fire Hands. At times, they can also seem tacky and unsympathetic.

  • Earth Hands - Grounded by nature and practical and logical thinkers. Those with Earth Hands are good with the task at hand, but not as much so with future planning. 

  • Air Hands - Someone with Air Hands are good communicators, curious and analytical. Someone with these hands can also be anxious and easily distracted.

  • Water Hands - A person with Water Hands are compassionate, creative and in touch with their inner emotions. They can, however, be very sensitive, getting their feeling hurt easily.



Life Lines


She can also read and interpret your palms Life Line, Fate Line, Sun Line, Heart Line and Head Line. These are the lines that allow Lauren to make predictions related to love, success, your life's journey, your destiny and your legacy or potential fame. 



Mounts & Plains  

Lauren will also analyze your palms Mounts and Plains (Saturn, Jupiter, Inner Mars, Venus, Plain of Mars, Apollo, Mercury, Outer Mars and Luna) to predict things such as: success, your life's up and downs, intuition, resourcefulness, etc. 

Full Interpretation

Upon completing your through palm reading, Lauren will tie in all of the above with one another to help lay out an illustration of your path ahead.