Psychic Reading


A psychic reading reveals your energy & aura:

It tunes into your innermost spiritual being and  gives insight into  past, present and future.  Gives advice on situations that you have been focused on where you may be lacking clarity.  A Psychic reading will provide An outline or road map as to what is ahead of you. Psychic Readings are also good for relationship and career advice and can help you understand how others may think or feel about you. The information that comes up through this session, is usually your subconscious preparing you for your journey ahead. It can also reveal to you what is destined in your life, your purpose and what you should be doing and focusing on. Also, it can prepare you for changes around you. This session is more focused on present and future circumstances in your life.


Intuitive Psychic Reading

With a true spiritual psychic reading you may experience a deeper connection, sometimes difficult to put into words. What you are getting is often much more than just the clairvoyant reading information. The insights can release blocks. The words themselves are healing. The entire experience can often transform situations in life that had seemed insurmountable. 


Lauren has the rare ability to give her clients much more than accurate psychic predictions. She gives them insight into how and why things are happening in their lives and what they can do to start making a difference. Lauren gives both practical and spiritual psychic guidance into personal relationships and major decisions. Lauren’s clients often say they have experienced a better understanding of themselves and their lives, and the usefulness of the information she is able to connect with is worth much more than what they paid for. Lauren wants to give her clients useful information, hope and confidence with practical and spiritual ways to proceed in their lives.

To experience the most enlightening session, add also a palm reading and tarot card reading.