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Lauren, a professional Celebrity Psychic & Astrologer to the stars, has been practicing astrology and consulting clients professionally since 1996, for well over 20 years. She is a qualified psychic and Spiritual Healer, who  gives accurate intuitive readings through a range of mediums. She is a professional & certified consultant, who uses her intuition to offer guidance to all of her clients.  Lauren is the Owner of Darien Astrology & Sono Psychic, she has also published many printed astrological  and online horoscope newsletters continuously since 1997. Her  columns are seen all over the world and have been published in many popular publications, fashion magazines, and newspapers. She has appeared on numerous Radio and TV Broadcasts. Throughout the years has had her own Radio Shows, been a featured guest on radio shows, and now is exclusively located in Connecticut's Fairfield County. 

My name is Lauren Evans I am a natural born Psychic. I come from a long line of Spiritual Advisers and Gifted Psychic/Intuitive Healers. I am actually a 7th Generation Spiritual Adviser. I am a wife and mother of 3 Children. My 2 Daughters actually share the gift with me. I am Christian. So you will hear about God Prayer or religion. I discovered my gift around 7 years old. I didn't start doing this professionally until I was about 18 Years old.  I knew I was chosen to help people. I have dedicated my life to this God given gift to help guide people. 


I have been a professional psychic for over twenty years, giving readings to clients all over the world. I deeply respect my clients and my work, and I still love giving readings as much as I did when I first started. Over the years I have heard many misconceptions about psychics and psychic readings and would like to bring some clarity to a couple of the more mystifying issues surrounding a psychic reading. Most specifically, how does a reading happen?

 I share with you how a psychic reading happens, I can only speak for myself. How other psychics treat their clients; what they see; and how they approach, interpret, and impart information to a client these all depend on a reader’s intention toward their clients and their work.


For me, giving a reading has always been like stepping into a person's life for the duration of their reading. It is as though I am standing next to them, "seeing" the people or circumstances both as they currently are as well as upcoming in their life. I feel what they feel.


 I have given thousands of readings over the years, I am still amazed every day of my life that the information comes to me with such exceptional clarity, and that my readings are filled with defining, personal details connected to existing or upcoming situations, events, or people for the client.


It is important to me that my clients are comfortable during their reading. Though I talk about some of the most intimate issues in their life, it does not escape me that we are strangers when we first meet; they don't really know me or how I work. Over the years I have learned that people experience a variety of emotions when they first come for an appointment, and when they are comfortable, they can hear me.

I begin every reading by silently reciting a prayer. I take a moment to quiet my mind, and completely focus my intention on information pertinent to my client's emotional and physical life. For me, going into a reading is very much like stepping through the front door of a new house—only the "house" I am entering is my client's life.


There is never a conscious choice for me about the importance of information in a reading. Occasionally a client will come with what they think is the most important issue in their life, yet a different issue may push its way to the front during my prayer meditation, clearly needing to be discussed first. What defines the order of topics is that which shows itself to be the most important, current, or imminent issue.


There really is a natural order of importance to issues in a reading. I tell my clients that, if they wish, they should write down a list of specific questions they would like me to address, but to please keep it in a pocket until I have finished their reading. Though I have usually answered all of the questions on the list by the end of the reading, they are free to ask whatever questions they may have, whether on the list or something they just thought of. If they feel it is important to them, then it is important to me.


Occasionally a client will try to control their reading. It doesn't happen often, but it is always memorable when it does. Sometimes what I see coming up for a client is very different than what they had planned. Even when what I see is very good news, some people believe they can control everything in their lives, including their reading. But, as my mother always told me, "Man plans and God 'Un-plans,'" and God always knows what is better for us than we do.


I know there are some readers that will tell people whatever they want to hear, but I cannot. My agreement with God is that I must tell people what I see because, "the truth only has one story," and there is a reason this information is coming through. I will never argue with a client about what I see in their reading, nor will I ever change what I say just to appease them.


I have a great respect for my clients and my work, and I clearly understand the deeply personal nature of my readings. "Lauren Evans, Psychic Counseling."  best describes what to expect from a session with me. Depending on what information comes through for the client in my prayer meditation, a reading will be a combination of some or all of these elements—counseling to help heal the past, predictions for their future, and guidance to help them get through whatever is causing difficulty in the present.


I cover a lot of ground in a reading, leaving nothing out. If I see it in your reading, you will hear it. I am very open to receiving whatever information you are supposed to have, even regarding closely held secrets, the ones that you have never shared with anyone and that no one but you could ever know about your life. Pretty much nothing is off limits, no detail too small, and nothing is ever censored. I talk about what is going on in your life right now, what is coming up, and specific experiences that have impacted your life and choices, past and present. I talk about your family (both living and those that have passed on, if they show up), your spouse or partner, children, your job or business, your home, health, finances.


Remember, getting a reading is a very personal experience, not only for you but for me as well. I truly do feel what you feel.

My Mission:

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